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Friday, November 23, 2012

A rather wet update!!!!

well as most of you know i have finally had my transplant and both me and my donor are doing well!!!! on the day of the op i had a few minor slip ups, i had to have plasma and dialysis! i was actually worried that the surgery wouldnt take place then at 4pm i was summoned to theatre. On the way down to the theatre i see my surgeon and boy was he relaxed!!! 20mins  before he was due to slice me up i see him wandering in to the staff room with a coffee and chocolate muffin, i mean talk about chilled oh jus doing a transplant in 30mins, fuck it course i've got time for a drink and a bit to eat!!!

So after about 4hours i wake up in recovery and too my left i see a very dazed and confused mum, who is in a lot of pain!! and i can feel a strange sensation between my legs a feeling that i hadnt felt for about 2years, I WAS PEEING and not just a bit i pissing for England and by the end of the 22nd november i had broken the record for the most amount of urine passed in 24 hours, i peed a record 36LITRES, yeah so for someone who was used to peeing less then 100ml a day to that much was proper funny.

After the surgery mum and i were brought back to our respective wards, mum was exhuasted and i was full of beans so much so that i played a practical joke on dad, jess and clare. When they came to see me after the op i pretended to be asleep and when leant in to say hello i sat up and shouted HELLO at them, they were so suprised.....

Just a few more little detail on the kidney itself, it is doing really well and at the last set of result the readings were as follows creatinine 1500 now less than 250, Urea 30 now 8, antibody count is now 0, meaning this kidney should not reject.

right off to see mum for the first time now.

Peace, Love and Transplated Organs
The One In A Million Man

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Well today is the day that im gonna remember for the rest of my life, as it was the day i started my anti rejection drugs, Tacrolimus and Mycophenolate Mofetil or MMF for short!!!

I am going to be on the drugs potnetially for the rest of my life providing there is no advance in medical science, the likelihood of that is positive in my eyes, as only less the 20years ago the type of transplant im having was considered impossible, and then in the 1970's the illness i caught was incurable!!!

Dunno what im getting upto today, but im sure it will be thrilling, Hello to all those across the world who are reading this blog, and welcome to a little insight of my mind!! Haha, its a minefield in there lol!!!

Peace, Love and Anti Rejection
The One In A Million Man

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Little Surgery To Look Forward To

well long time no speak, but don't worry im ok, no honestly i am, after nearly two years i seem to have finally got the hang of the fluid balance!!!! WTF why you take so long....... Now im putting on bout 2-3litres only on the long gap, and even on a monday i now feel good!!

Well just to update the world on my progress i would like to announce that on the 21st of November i am to have a KIDNEY TRANSPLANT, scuse the language but fuck yeah!!!! im gonna be heading on the way back to a normal life :) To continue the news in this vain im starting my immunosupression drugs on wednesday (14th) ((bit scary, as one gives the shits! lol)) and have also had an injection called Retixamab(spelling optional) which is basically chemo! i currently have no immune system, therefore i am a recluse and loner, no different from the past 20odd months really!!!

i am really looking forward to this surgery and i think my donor is too, some of already know who they are but those dont they will remain nameless!! But what i will say is they are a living donor, and they are an incompatible blood type, meaning i have had to have extra immunosupression, which will involve at least 3 plasma exchange treatment(already had 17 of these, so its a bit old hat) and then the surgery itself, and if all goes well im gonna be peeing about 500ml an hour, that is more than you can drink so i'll be on a fluid drip!!!! i mean going from 1litre a day to half a litre an hour is gonna be a bit of a shock!! The poor kidney is gonna take a long at my blood and go fuck me were gonna be busy for a bit!!

Last but not least if anyone is around in london from the 22nd november, they are more than welcome to come along and say hi to me and my donor!! sorry if we dont make much sense though, were gonna have a morphine button, (self adminstered pain relief!!!) so i'll probably be as high as a kite!!

Peace, Love and Weeing loads
The One In A Million Man

Friday, August 10, 2012

Gout, now that's a fucker

Well since I last updated I've been struck down with a cracking bout gout plus a lovely infection. Well last Saturday the 4th I had a slight pain in my wrist and by the next day I couldn't move it so it was a trip to hospital and obligatory 3hour wait, just to be given a splint and be told to go to my gp. But wait it gets better!!! I had the worst attack of gout I think I've ever suffered, on a pain scale of 1~10 I scored it an 8 so yeah it fucking hurt(s) but to be fair tramadol works like a dream, only downside is the sleepiness but hey when you haven't slept in nearly week you'll take anything!!!!!

Peace, love and gouty tadpoles
The one in a million man x

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Infections great!!!

Well just to let you lovely people know I currently have the most painful right arm ever, on a pain score of 0~10 its an 8!! Yeah so pretty fucking painful, it's just gone seven am and I'm sitting with a bag of frozen peas on my wrist great fun.

On a lighter note go team gb 22golds and counting its excellent, sorry haven't bogged in a while just haven't got round to it, we'll you'll all be pleased to know that this blog will continue right up until transplant.

Much love
Peace, love. And frozen peas
The one in a million man xx

Monday, August 6, 2012

Well nearly time for a transplant!!!

Hello boys and girls I'm back, alive and kicking..... Just, as many of you know I had a very exciting holiday to tenerife (not) I ended up spending two weeks on life support with a tube down my throat. This ended with me being flown home by private jet awesome, at a cost to my insurers of £18000. After that excitement I decided to take it easy, and didn't have an overnight stay in hospital for nearly six months!! More recently I had a trip to guy's hospital, the outcome, mum and I are both ready for going under the knife!!!! Oh yeah except I gotta see a dammed cardiologist. Well I'll update you guys after the closing ceremony, forgot to say we got tickets for it :)

Love, hugs and kisses
The one in a million man

Monday, August 15, 2011

LOOOONG TIME no speak..... don't worry i'm still alive!!!!

hello to all those who have been eagerly waiting another update...... It may have seemed like my game of golf was a bad idea but infact i have been living my life the way any 23year should!!!!

things that i have done since the last update:
bought a new car - a mini cabriolet, but currently unable to drive it, will explain more later in the post.
played a stupid amount of golf (bored the hell out of jess)
been to hospital several times (understatement of the century)
oh yeah been to boardmasters surf and music festival and stayed in the headland hotel!!! (thanks mum)

right the reason why i cant drive the car is about a month ago i decided to be really ill..... as i couldnt keep anything down it was either coming out the top or like a tap from the bottom!!! lets just say it was not fun, this then peaked with me having two seizures! not fun i might add (jess somehow slept through the first one and found me on the floor) and then on the way to hospital (favourite place) i had another in the back of the ambulance, my last words before fitting were FUCK FUCK FUCK, then i woke up in resus minus my boxers and thourghly confused!!!! so at the hospital was told my blood was acidic, not nice and this had contributed to me feeling like shit for the couple of weeks prior to the fits, i was even ill at my cousin Jen's wedding the one day when i didnt wanna feel like crap but oh well, so in the end Dr Iggo decided it would be best for me to stop driving for a month, this ban ends on friday (19/8)

other news, i have been put through to the second round of the chance to carry the olympic flame, i've got a one in 14 chance, wish me luck. it would be a dream come true to carry the flame.

And finally whilst on holiday at boardmasters i decided it would be a suitable time to ask my lovely girlfriend Jess to marry me........ and she said YES.

well gotta jump on my machine now, its time for nine hours dialysis.

Peace love, and fairy cakes
The One in a Million Man x (actually now two million)